Weil Am Rhein Town Shield WEIL AM RHEIN TWINNED SINCE 1987

Dreiländerbrücke Situated on the Rhine in the so-called “Dreiländereck”, three country corner, where the Rhine forms the border between Germany, France and Switzerland, Weil am Rhein is a thriving town with an international flavour. Its proximity to its neighbouring countries has had a strong influence on Weil and the opening in 2007 of the new “Dreiländerbrücke”, an ultra-modern bridge for pedestrians and cyclists, has greatly improved links between Weil and its twin town Huningue in France.

Vitra Design Museum The origins of Weil go back into history, but nowadays it is a modern town with a population of approximately 30,000. Weil am Rhein is proud of the Vitra furniture factory with its reputation for chair design, and the town is known as “Stadt der Stühle”, town of chairs. The Vitra buildings themselves are a major attraction and the chair museum and the Weil textile museum are just two of a number of museums in the area. A walk around the town reveals the contrast between the old town and the modern shopping centre and town hall.

Weil Am Rhein Town Centre In the countryside visitors and locals enjoy strolling amongst the vines and sampling the wines for which the area is famous. There are numerous “Gasthäuser”, pubs and restaurants, to try the local food and Weil has active cultural and sporting organisations. With the Swiss City of Basel only a short drive away, the nearby Black Forest, Alsace and the Swiss lakes within easy reach, Weil is perfectly located to explore three cultures in one.

Further information about Weil am Rhein can be found at http://www.weil-am-rhein.de/servlet/PB/menu/-1/index.html and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weil_am_Rhein