Twinning is a national movement and Bognor Regis is one of many towns in Great Britain with twinning links in Europe. Bognor Regis Twinning Association is an independent organisation run by a committee of volunteers elected each year at the Annual General Meeting open to members and the public at the Town Hall. The Association is self-funding, occasionally assisted by a grant from the town council and has been successful in obtaining additional grants from the European Union for specific purposes.

Eglise Saint-Nicolas, Saint-Maur Exchanges between the French twin town of Saint-Maur and Bognor take place annually, with visits alternating between the towns. Visitors from the German towns, or Partnerstädte, Weil am Rhein and Trebbin come to Bognor every third year, while Bognor members visit either Weil am Rhein or Trebbin in the two intervening years, where they are joined by friends from Trebbin in Weil am Rhein or vice-versa. Many friendships have been formed over the years and a number of members travel to one or more of the twin towns on private visits between exchanges.

Saint-Maur-des-Fossés was the first town to form links with Bognor Regis. Established in 1980, the link continues to be very successful. Saint-Maur now boasts a small area of land named “Square Bognor Regis”, in addition to a “Promenade des Anglais” along the river Marne. In return, Bognor has a “Place St. Maur des Fossés” to remind us of our French twin town.

Dreiländerbrücke, Weil am Rhein Bognor’s initial twinning with Germany took place in 1987 with the south-western town of Weil am Rhein which sought twinning links with an English seaside resort. Our excellent climate and pleasant coastline is very popular with German visitors both from Weil am Rhein and Trebbin.

Town Square, Trebbin Weil am Rhein already had twinning links with the town of Trebbin in the former East Germany , so it seemed a natural development for Bognor to adopt this link as well. In 1996 official twinning charters were signed with Trebbin, building on the existing links between Bognor Regis and Saint-Maur-des-Fossés and Weil am Rhein.

Twinning offers many opportunities: it promotes friendship between people in the home town and twin towns as well as the chance to visit one or more of the twin towns. Members are under no obligation to host, but many like to do so. As well as the opportunity to attend a number of social and fund-raising evenings during the year, members receive a regular newsletter about the Association’s activities. Language skills amongst members vary greatly, but lack of French or German is no barrier. In fact, many of our overseas visitors are keen to practise their English language skills.

Membership fees for 2014 are £8.00 for an individual or £15.00 for a couple. As a member you also have the opportunity to purchase a Twinning Association tie or scarf.

Pedestrian precinct, Bognor Regis

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